Artist’s Statement

The final element of the personal information trio required by the course is the Artist’s Statement. There are obviously two types of this, firstly there’s the all-encompassing form which covers the artist’s complete work and describes the common threads that link the various portfolios and works together. Then there’s the more specific one that links to a particular body of work, much as we were asked to provide for the previous module, Body of Work.

Since the only portfolio that I’m publicising during this module is that portfolio then I’m just going to continue using that. If I need to introduce other works in parallel I’l create another specific Statement for that pf and an all-encompassing one to link the works together.

Sine I didn’t receive any criticism of my portfolio-specific statement from my tutor in BoW nor did the assessors comment on it I’ll just assume that it’s OK for now though it will almost certainly change before any exhibition.

Artist’s Statement

      The majority of visitors to Windsor Great Park follow the same routes as their predecessors, constrained by their own preconceptions of the area, afraid to leave the beaten path and create their own experience. These preconceptions have been created by images and text in magazines and social media, an imagined geography that develops the Tourism Space that is Windsor Great Park and is then itself modified by that Tourism Space.

     In my exploration of the Park I’ve come to love those other areas, the ones that lie outside of this predefined space requiring the visitor to step off the beaten path and explore.

    Each of these images shows a glimpse of that “other side”, accessible to those who would leave the beaten path and discover their own world, treating the rabbit hole as a portal rather than as a barrier.

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