Assignment 2 – Publication Proposal

The main part of my proposal seems to be coming along though there are still a few points that I’m still trying to work out.

Firstly, I’m still moving forward with the original BoW portfolio as the basis for my publication and that’s working well at the moment though I’ll go through my thoughts on that later. The problem that I do have is where do I want to stop? Is it OK to just have the exhibition, possibly with the add-ons as suggested by Laura Noble or do I need other elements such as a book to back it up?

On the book side, David has mentioned a number of self-publishing options in the past. One of those was stab binding which I’m looking into. There are a number of tutorials on the web such as this one which make it look “simple” … or not.

Another issue that I’m trying to decide on is feedback. Do I want to leave a tablet there for visitors to input or a visitors book? Perhaps I’ll just create a page on the website and make sure that the link is easily visible at the exhibition. anyway, these can wait for the moment and I’ll just get the proposal off to my tutor then talk these things through with him if I haven’t decided by the time of the tutorial.

Anyway, for now the document can be seen on my website here


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