Assignment – Publication Evaluation

The very last assignment of my very last module of the my degree course with the OCA can be found here. It feels strange to be typing that. Much of the detail in it can be found in this blog in various entries but it was interesting typing up my experiences in that way. It made me think about various aspects that I hadn’t appreciated until I actually started writing them down.

The feedback from David, my tutor, was fine. As he said, it was a thorough account of my experiences in presenting my work which, to me, is exactly what the aim of the assignment was.

He suggested the addition of a section on what worked and what didn’t work in the exhibition and this I’ve now added. For example, he suggested that I discuss whether the decision to mount without frames was correct. For me the answer to that was an unequivocal “yes” though I have to admit that when friends have subsequently had them framed behind glass they do look good. However, framing an individual image in a home is on thing but an individual image is just that, a single image when the image is more important than the theme. In the exhibition, when all of the images are on show, the connecting theme of the virtual but boundaries that can be traversed is more important and the frames would have obstructed the presentation of this theme.

Another area of discussion that I hadn’t included was the lighting which I felt was good, as did many of the comments received. It was very adjustable with just one image slightly shadowed but I’d made sure that it was the most suitable image for that spot.

I had to smile when David also suggested a comment about the size of the images since I’d originally being going for a smaller size until David himself warned me that images always look smaller on a wall. He was right and I was very glad that I’d taken his advice.

One criticism that he did have to begin with was because of a couple of photographs that I’d included of visitors to the exhibition. He felt that I’d placed the images too high for the average height of a visitor. I had to laugh and explain that both of the people in those images were around 5′ 3″, well below the average height! At that he agreed that they would be at about the correct height. I won’t post those images here to avoid embarrassing my vertically-challenged friends 🙂

In the tutorial we went on to discuss what I should send up for assessment but I’ll cover that in another post when I’ve sent the package off to the OCA.

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