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Having written the About Page the Bio flowed quite easily so here’s a first draft though it is likely to change a lot – even before my tutor gets to see it.


Growing up in the busy coastal area of North Wales I soon discovered the joys of leaving the tourist trails and exploring  the beaten track, discovering the wildlife, forests and rugged beauty of Snowdonia. Moving down to the South East I thought that I’d lost the opportunity but I discovered that Windsor Great Park afforded the chance to explore in a similar, but more cultivated, way whilst photography trips to Africa and Asia only increased my love of wildlife and nature.

     Retirement afforded the opportunity to explore, both locally and abroad and I came to enjoy the tranquillity and serenity of these extremes. On the one hand was the Park, home to the Kings and Queens of England whilst, on the other hand, was the wilderness and vast open expanse of Africa.  During this period, I started studying for a BA Photography degree to help capture these beautiful environments and pass that beauty on to others.

     My work has since been featured in the Guardian Magazine, the Observer, Country Life and other magazines and I’ve been fortunate enough to have two prize-winning images exhibited at the Joe Cornish Gallery in Yorkshire.  

     A love of all things Italian, including the language, fills what little time I have left during the day.


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