Draft Publication – The Marketing

While the final portfolio is being fine-tuned I’m looking at the marketing that I need to do before the exhibition. As I mentioned in Section 2, I’m looking at fliers, business cards and adverts. All of this is a bit intimidating, not in the sense of getting them done since that’s the easy part, it’s the idea of publicising my work, something that I’m still not comfortable with despite some excellent comments from reviewers. I still have trouble believing that anybody would want to see a body of work created by me so to ask people to come and visit seems a bit hypocritical. Anyway, hopefully I’ll be over this before the exhibition!

As far as the fliers were concerned I had no idea what I wanted to begin with so, neither in terms of the artwork nor the size or materials. In the end I remembered that I’d used Vistaprint some years ago and went to have a look at their site. There was some excellent advice on their website as well as on other sites on the web. l also went along to our local Tourist Information Office and looked at some of the fliers that were there to advertise other events. Then I did what I should have done at the beginning and went to The Old Court where my exhibition will be held to look at fliers advertising other events to be held there.

After pulling together a number of thoughts or ideas it was time to try my hand at design using Vistaprint’s online tool. After a few aborted attempts I came up with this design in A6.

I was quite pleased with it though I’m sure that a professional marketeer will b able to pick holes in it. I deliberately didn’t put any contact details on it, not even my website, as I wanted that information to come out at the exhibition. Also, I didn’t want to use the exhibition images, at least not all of them since I didn’t want people to see them before arriving at the venue. I did however want to give a feel for the theme so people would understand the aims of the portfolio before arriving.

So far I’ve left these fliers in dentist and doctor’s surgeries, local coffee shops who have a notice board, the venue itself and the Tourist Information office. I’ll be adding other sites if and when I think of them but, in the meantime, it feels strange going past a notice board so see my exhibition being advertised.

I want some business cards as well, both to hand out or leave at the exhibition and to hand out to people when I talk about the event. Following a near-identical process to the fliers I came out with these.

Again, I didn’t want to use the exhibition images but wanted to demonstrate a wide range of genres on the cards.

Finally the advertising. I wanted to advertise in the local paper and on the local borough’s website, both of which allow free advertising for such events.

The above advert is from the local paper but the borough website has a similar one in place. I’m curious how effective these will be, and the fliers for that matter, but I’m not sure how I’ll be able to quantify their effectiveness beyond anecdotal comments from visitors …. assuming that I get any of course!

Anyway, that’s the marketing that I’m doing at the moment. As and when other ideas come to me I’ll be adding those in as well.

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