Going Public

As I mentioned in the previous post I firmly believe that he main aim of SyP is to prepare the student for life in the real, commercial world outside the protected environment of the OCA. Key to this is the development of a network within the photographic community and getting one’s work “out there”.

With that in mind it seems worth mentioning a couple of things. In the previous post, Caroline mentioned that she has personally used one of my images as a main focus on a national advertising campaign.

The image to which Caroline was referring was this one

and was published in :-

  • full-page in Country Life magazine
  • half-page in Guardian Weekend
  • half-page in Observer Magazine
  • full-page in Amateur Photographer magazine
  • full-page in The Simple Things magazine

and, possibly, in a number of other publications. It does, of course, allow me to claim that I’ve been published in a number of national publications 🙂

The final adverts, as they were published, looked like






In addition, the two images following have each been displayed in the Joe Cornish gallery in Northallerton through Inntravel.




I appreciate that it is not great art but, to me, it does align perfectly with the objectives of the module in that it gets both my name and my work out into the wide world and helps build up a network of contacts. In addition, the door to the commercial world of travel photography is, at the very least, ajar.



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