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Being a tourist town there are a number of avenues available for publicity and marketing, many of them free since they benefit the tourist trade upon which Windsor is dependant.

The local paper, The Windsor Observer, welcomes news about local events and the Borough website also includes a “What’s On” page for publicity which is free to use.

Continuing in the vein of free publicity it’s worth noting that the Windsor Photographic Society meets in the Old Court every Tuesday evening and I intend giving a brief talk to the Society while my exhibition is on.

Finally, as already mentioned, the Windsor Festival will have already finished at the start of my exhibition, but I will be able to use its infrastructure to publicise future, but connected, events such as my exhibition.

More formally, while getting my images printed locally for the show I’ll be printing a number of fliers and postcards. The former will be dropped off at several local businesses and outlets with a larger number being available at the Windsor Tourist Office. This is a slight dichotomy given my key audience is intended to be the local populace but, provided that my main efforts are targeted at the local people then any additional publicity will be a bonus. The postcards will be left at the exhibition for people to take away, in effect, acting as loss leaders.

Also, to be left at the site are business cards which are based on my new email signature advertising my website. By co-ordinating my email signature and business cards I intend to create a single, coherent presence for publicity.

In terms of wider and more long-term publicity I’m looking at two websites. Firstly I intend getting feedback from On Landscape’s 4×4 review which, as well as providing the feedback that I require, also provides wide publicity for moving forward.

Similarly, I’ll try to get a subset of the portfolio published on New Landscape Photography, a worldwide community of landscape photographers.

My existing website at www.gaslight.me.uk has been modified to support the exhibition, largely thanks to the feedback from Laura Noble. The domain and hosting costs have already been depreciated through my other interests, so it could be argued that these costs, when factored against the SyP work, are negligible.

Development costs are zero since I have done all the development myself.

Associated with the website will be a presence on Facebook and Instagram, all integrated to provide a coherent presence. The latter two will be completed shortly to ensure that they are available when I disseminate the images for feedback and to New Landscape Photography.

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