Modifying the Portfolio

My portfolio is continually changing as I make trips into Windsor Great Park to find new images or, more accurately, tweak the existing images until I get the best composition, lighting, depth of field etc. This isn’t just for the individual images but to make sure that they all work together as a coherent portfolio.

The original portfolio was basically that which I submitted for Body of Work with a few modifications as I detailed in Section 1 – Networking and Feedback but, partly as a result of that feedback, I’ve been enhancing it through the past few weeks and months.

My tutor, David, introduced me to the PhD thesis of Peter Davies whose work was entitled “An Investigation of the Photographic Interpretation of Woodland and Forests“. Although his theme was very different to mine his subject material was very similar in that he was looking to examine the representation of forests and woodland via a major body of photographic work. My theme of examining the woodland in the Park to portray or to demonstrate how it can create virtual boundaries has led to similar images.

In particular it has led to a very similar way of working as we both revisited the same areas on numerous occasions to modify our portfolios. I’ve narrowed the scope of my visits to the Park to around fifteen locations that, to me, offered the best representation of a Virtual Boundary. As I revisit these locations at different times of the day, in different weathers, I’ll sometimes come away with upwards of a hundred images, all of which I immediately discard on my return as they offer nothing new when compared to the existing images. On occasion they’ve led me to reflect on the images or on my composition and led me to revise my thoughts on what it was I was trying to achieve at that location.

Frequently I’ve been creating a rough sketch so that next time I go I’ll remember my thoughts.

Sketch for Location 1

I, very definitely, make no claims as to the artistic merit of such images but it was useful when going back to the location to try alternative compositions as seen below.

I’m pretty close to the final version which can be seen in my modified portfolio document that I used in Assignment 1. I think that I should possibly have kept the original portfolio to make comparisons but it was easier to just update it with the current images so that I could send it out again for review as and when I needed rather than keep creating a new version each time.

I’m finding it to be an interesting exercise as I fine tune the portfolio and I’m almost developing a personal attachment to these locations so that if I do chance to see somebody approaching one of “my” boundary locations I’m hoping that they don’t trespass and go through into “my” space !! I definitely need to step back at times !

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