Preparing for Assessment

So it’s the final assessment of the course and, as usual, I’ve been debating what to send and discussed this with David, my tutor. He suggested that I look at Peter Davies’ PhD submission which I mentioned earlier and use this as a template for a document to submit. This details Davies’ approach to a project, similar in concept to Virtual Boundaries.

In his PhD thesis he looks at the meaning that landscapes and forests in particular have to people and his methods for creating a portfolio of images that reflect this. His approach to the images was similar to mine in the sense that he repeatedly visited locations to get the correct light, composition and depth of field to create a consist but accurate representation of his theme. In addition, when he came to exhibit the resultant portfolio he avoided frames and glass, believing that they would create boundaries.

I followed this approach and create a lengthy (55 pages) document which explained the theme of Virtual Boundaries as well as my journey through the module. It wasn’t as much of a chore as it could have been since much of the material already existed in these blog posts. I had this hard bound in the same format as my Contextual Studies essay/thesis so it has a consistent look and feel.

I debated that CS essay for a while and decided to send it with the submission but clearly marked it as background material. The reason for including it was that I refer to it on a number of occasions throughout the SyP document. Since I couldn’t cite it properly as it wasn’t online anywhere and hadn’t been published I had to include it as a reference source. In addition I’m hoping that it shows that I treated the three Level 3 modules as a coherent whole, with each module dependent upon, and linked to, the other nodules. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn’t conflict with any regulations but, since I’ve clearly marked it as background material it should be OK.

Following David’s advice I’m also including two sample images from the exhibition to demonstrate the quality of the printing and of the mounting and I’m also including the information board that I created for the exhibition. This board had my photo on it together with my bio, background information explaining the concept of Virtual Boundaries and my artist’s statement.

I know that we upload a course evaluation to the G: drive but I’ve printed out a slightly longer version to include in the submission. I just wanted to explain how I felt about he module, how I’d developed throughout it and what I’d gained from it.

In addition, I included examples of the advertising and marketing material such as the business cards and fliers that I used.

So in the end the assessment package consists of

  • a contents list
  • a hardbound book which details my journey through the module and background on the theme of Virtual Boundaries
  • the essay from Contextual Studies – clearly labelled as background material and not part of the submission itself
  • a brief evaluation of the course and my approach to it
  • two sample mounted prints from the exhibition to demonstrate the quality
  • the information board used in the exhibition which has my bio, background information to the exhibition and my artist’s statement
  • examples of the business cards printed for the exhibition
  • examples of the fliers printed for the exhibition
  • printed examples of the adverts that appeared to advertise the exhibition

So that’s it!! All packaged up and sent to the OCA. Now all I have to do is wait. I need 47% (I think) to get a 2:1 after all these years – let’s wait and see.

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