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I’m looking at SyP as a method of getting my work out to a wider audience , building the confidence to do so and building a network to facilitate this. As a result I’m taking a multi-pronged approach to this. My primary focus is always going to be my Body of Work portfolio but, as mentioned earlier , I’m using the structure of the course to get feedback and build contacts in Wildlife and Travel since I’m interested in both and they, together with the documentary landscape work of BoW, create a coherent whole that reflects my interests.

For my travel photography I’m using the travel companies as a direct market, dealing directly with their marketing directors or managers and I’m going to have a separate wildlife exhibition, possibly after SyP finishes, so I’ll be concentrating on my Virtual Boundaries portfolio for now. The most important aspect of this, together with my Contextual Studies mini-thesis is the local nature of it which heavily influences my choices, both in terms of how I present the work and where.

The “how” is simple – my preferred method of getting my work out to the local community is through an exhibition. I considered a book but I wanted the personal connection that an exhibition would enable, especially if it was on for a lengthy period of time rather than a single day. This led me on the the “where” which is equally simple. Our community Arts Centre, The Old Court, is based in the old fire station, holds classes in dance painting etc, has a local cinema and is a focus for much of the art world in the town. In addition they have a reasonably sized room, just off the entrance, which they use for art or photographic exhibitions, this is right by the areas used for classes and is on the route to the cinema so is guaranteed a strong footfall of local people. In addition, it has an overflow area in the bar which, again, attracts viewers to the exhibition area.

On contacting the Centre they were only to happy to accommodate my exhibition but, of course, timescales were always going to be an issue. As it happened they had a slot free from mid-October to mid-November – perfect! It just meant that I have to get my act together quickly otherwise the next slot was in February.

The feedback that I received from Laura and David (see earlier posts) has been excellent in helping me to refine my portfolio and the final version is now on my website

The marketing of this exhibition is going to be “interesting” as I’ve never had to do anything like this before. I’m currently looking at:

  • Flyers
  • Adverts in local newspapers
  • Postcards
  • Business Cards

and anything else that occurs to me in the next 2-3 months. I’ll cover this in the next post.

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