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Publication Draft – Assignment 4

I’ve placed my fourth assignment, Publication Draft, on my website and it can be accessed here. It was all pretty straightforward with much of the information already in the blog, just a matter of pulling it together in a semi-coherent fashion and adding a few bits.

David, my tutor, seems happy enough with it and everything now seems on track for the exhibition. Some of the minor elements that we discussed follow.

The 3 images to be shown in the annex/bar area should work together, not just the three strongest or most picturesque and I should think of placing the background information on the wall, possibly as A2. This would allow more people to read it and there would be less chance of maintenance staff removing the information by mistake. It would allow me to place the flyers on the table for people to take them away.

I should think about the height of the frame, there is an algorithm relating to the average height of a person. However, the main thing is that it should look “right”.  Also, look out for the ceiling lights which are slightly low and might distract the viewer’s view. Think about lowering the images from the standard in this case.

We’d previously mentioned Peter Davies, University of Wales landscape photographer, with respect to the subject matter. Davies has a PhD dissertation which includes a presentation with similar subject material. The paper discusses the reasons for not using a frame, issues of scale etc. This is relevant to my exhibition so would be interesting – though David is not convinced 😊 There was a brief discussion which quickly stepped back from environmental aesthetics!

The idea of enabling the floating effect should work with the polystyrene cylinders that I’m proposing. In my budgeting I’ve included my time and costs even though it’s “free” to demonstrate that I would be able to apply for funding. I also need to include the time of others such as the Laura Noble fee or even the time spent by my “coterie” (group of friends) who I enlisted to solicit their opinion on the final portfolio.

I need to rephrase the last paragraph of my Artist’s Statement as it’s is slightly confusing, creating a mental loop that is misleading.

On a slight digression David checked that I’d used Taylor’s “A Dream of England” as a key test in my CS work. This was a tome that I’d found very interesting, to be honest I found it more interesting than useful to my CS work but it’s become more useful as I look to exhibit Virtual Boundaries.

The most important comment from David was to look out for problems or issues on the day of hanging – something is very likely to go wrong so “be prepared”


Taylor, J. (1994) A Dream of England. Landscape, Photography and the Tourist’s Imagination. Manchester: Manchester University Press