The Photography Industry – Tutor feedback

Having submitted my essay I was unsure how my tutor would receive it but his feedback was pretty good.

He felt that it could have been written in a slightly more academic vein but this wasn’t really a big issue. I’d deliberately done that to make it more readable since, although it was part of an academic course, it didn’t feel as though it was a key element in the way a thesis or dissertation would have been. ls, the interviews themselves which were an important part of the essay were very definitely written (and carried out) in an informal fashion. Of course, it it became a problem I could rewrite it to reflect David’s issues but neither of us felt that was necessary.

David felt that it was a good use of primary research. The interviews seemed to have been on track with relevant and pertinent questions. There could, possibly, have been more interviews but, again, this was not necessary. The fact that the two roles were very different but still related was good

In the conclusions I should add what I’d learnt about the role of a curator including elements such as

  • Is the curator a barrier between the artist and his/her vision?
  • Is the role different for a single artist vs multi-artist installation?
  • What is the role of curator?

These points will be in the assessment submission, but I should include them in this essay

All in all I’m quite happy with that so on to the exhibition !!

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